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What Does It Mean To School Local?


Just like when you eat local and shop local, when you “School Local” you get benefits you can’t get anywhere else:


  • The most qualified teachers in the area, with 83 percent of our faculty holding Masters Degrees or higher.


  • The most vibrant and diverse student body in the area, thanks to a school system that serves families of every economic background, and in which three of out every 10 students are non-white.

  • Walkable, bikeable neighborhood school communities: in fact, two-thirds of Northampton Public School students walk or bike to school.


  • A “Made In Northampton” curriculum developed by our teachers — not one taken off the shelf from corporate curriculum publishers — that fosters critical thinking, creative imagination and academic excellence.


  •  A pre-K-through-12th grade school system with a record of success:


  • Of the Northampton High School students who graduated from NPS elementary schools, 85 percent scored “proficient” or better on both the 10th grade English and math Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests.


  • Approximately 80 percent of graduating seniors continue their education. Class of 2014 college acceptances included many top institutions including Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Columbia, Swarthmore, John Hopkins, Wesleyan, Hamilton, Grinnell, Tufts, Barnard, Bates, Brandeis, Washington U., Carnegie Mellon and Oberlin.




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